Public Liability

Public liability Insurance for Musicians

If you are a professional musician, or if you get paid to play even on a casual basis, many venues nowadays ask the performer to be covered for public liability insurance.

And even if they don’t specifically ask, you can still be held liable for injury to other people if something happens which was your fault.

Many music professionals now realise the need for public liability insurance when they start their own business, whether it is at home or in a studio.

Along with musical equipment insurance, anyone can have public liability insurance for music. Public liability insurance for music covers the entertainer in the case that someone sues them or makes a claim against them.

Although some accidents are still going to happen, taking out liability insurance can cover you for some of the misfortunes that might happen.

If you are a music professional, it is essential that you check your public liability insurance to make sure that you have enough coverage in the event of any claims that may happen to you. offers Public Liability cover at levels of €2.6 million or €6.5 million.

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Having liability insurance can help protect your financial situation if things don’t quite turn out the way you expect, for example an injury to an audience member or a road crew member if a speaker stack falls over, or a microphone hits someone…