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Musical Instrument Insurance

Our policy is designed to cover all musical instruments whether classical instruments, electronic instruments or digital equipment.

We insure all types of instruments including Oboe, Double Bass, Piccolo, Trombone, Horn, Bagpipes, Cello, Viola, Violin, Harps, Piano, Harpsichords..

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Music Teachers Liabilty Insurance

Musician Insurance are able to offer music teachers who work from home or need cover whilst they teach away from their premises.

We are able to cover your public liabilty as a music teacher as a stand a lone policy.
So if you require Insurance cover as a Music Teacher well give us a call and one…

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Insurance for Bands

If you represent an orchestra, a group, an ensemble, a brass band or a rock band we can cover your liability and equipment insurance. We can offer Public Liability insurance which alot of hotels and venues are now insisting on you having. Also we can cover your bands...

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