Our MusicianInsurance.ie policy is designed to cover all musical instruments whether classical instruments, electronic instruments or digital equipment.

We insure all types of instruments including Oboe, Double Bass, Piccolo, Trombone, Horn, Bagpipes, Cello, Viola, Violin, Harps, Piano, Harpsichords…..if you play it we are likely to insure it!

In addition to insuring your musical instrument you can insure your bow, amp, case etc. You can also purchase third party liability cover under our MusicianInsurance.ie policy.

So no matter What kind of musician you are

• Professional
• Semi pro
• Keen amateur
• Beginner
• Student
• Casual player

Our MusicianInsurance.ie policy can be designed for your needs.

We can provide cover for

• instruments of any value or require worldwide cover
• those that may take a lot of equipment out of home
• musicians who undertake regular gigs and concerts
• musicians who travel and play overseas
• musicians who might be paid to play
• require public liability insurance (third party liability insurance)

The features of our MusicianInsurance.ie policy are:

• Cover for loss, theft or accidental damage
• Unlimited sums assured
• Options of Worldwide cover, EU only and Premises only
• Public liability excluded but option to include at €1.3m, €2.6m or €6.5m
• No excess as standard, but the option to include an excess of €100 or €250